198_Pringle1 The Clan Pringle Association
The Science of Herauldry
by Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh, Edinburgh 1680
Page 2
“To show a respect to Religion. Thus the Cristians bore the Cross, at their expeditions into the Holy-land, which were therefore called, Croissads: And the Pringles and others, bear Escalops, to show their devote Pilgrimages: Of which these shells were the Badges, and for which Pilgrimage, the Pringles were first called Pilgrims, and thereafter by corruption Pringle. For the same reason doth the Dowglass carry a Heart, in remembrance of the Pilgrimage to the Holy-land, with King Robert the Bruce’s heart; which was to be, and is buried there, at the Special command of that pious Prince, about the year, 1328.” [See: Name Origin & Errors]
Page 61
Pringle of Gallowshiels: Argent, on a St. Andrews cross ingrailed sable, five Escalops Or.
This Pringle of Whitebank, as his representer bears.
Page 62
Pringle of Torwoodlie: Argent, on a Saltir engrailed azur, five Escallops as the first.
Pringle of Stitchel: Azur, three Escallops Or.

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