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Pringle Heraldry in America
John Julius Pringle bookplate    Pringle of Symington
The Bookplate of John Julius Pringle of Charleston, South Carolina
Pringle of Charleston, South Carolina
Arms: Argent on a bend sable three escallops or, within a bordure Azure, a mullet sable for difference.
Crest: An escallop or.
Motto: Amicitia (friendship).

Bolton's American Armory
A record of Coat of Arms which have been in use within the present bounds of the United States
By Charles Knowles Bolton
Heraldic Book Company, Baltimore, 1964
Page 134:
Pringle: Arg. on a bend sa. 3 escallops [or] within a bordure az., a mullet [sa.] for diff.
Crest: an escallop [or]
Bookplate: W. Alston Pringle
W Alston Pringle bookplate

Arms of Robert Smith Pringle
The Arms of Robert Smith Pringle
(descended from the Pringles of Symington,
Judge Robert Pringle who emigrated to South Carolina,
his son John Julius Pringle, and his 5th son William Bull Pringle).


Pringle Arms America


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