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The Hoppringill Homestead

Hoppringle, an old  baronial fortalice in Stow parish, Edinburghshire, on the right bank  of Gala Water, opposite Crookston, 1 mile NNW of Fountainhall  station. It is now reduced to slender remains, yet shows evidence of  having been a strong and important place; and it commands an  extensive view. It was the original seat of the Hoppringle or Pringle family.” (Ordinance Survey, sh. 25, 1865.) From the Statistical Account.

News stories from a local newspaper, outlining the destruction of Hoppringle Hill:

21/09/2009 - A wind farm, a quarry, a railway ... and the end of a rural idyll

02/02/2010 - Quarry plans rock the Gala Water

14/09/2010 - Objectors on rocks as A7 quarry extension approved


Hoppringle is a privately owned Farm, here are some pictures of it:


Name meaning- CORTLEFERRY. Ferry at a round knoll. Cor, round hill ; tulach, round knoll. (Cortleferry is the farm next door to Hoppringle).


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