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Craigcrook Castle was built for William Adamson who bought the Craigcrook estate in 1542, and was killed at the Battle of Pinkie in 1547. His descendant, Walter Adamson, extended the house in 1626 and probably built the wall and gateway dated 1626.

While there is almost certainly older work incorporated, the main part of Craigcrook Castle seems to date from the early 17th century, with later additions. Excluding the modern extensions to N and E, it consists of a main block, 60' x 20', the towers attached, 3 storeys high. The windows have been enlarged. Internally, the ground floor was vaulted, as is the upper floor of the round tower. This amount of vaulting suggests a date of construction earlier that the first half of the 17th century, so it is probably that the extensive rebuilding of that time was superimposed on an earlier fortalice.

Extract from the history of the Parish of Cramond - "To the S.W. of Drylaw in the hollow at the foot of Corstorphine Hill where it makes a turn or crook to the east whence name is derived, stands Craigcrook Castle". Owners include Adamson family (1500-1650), John Mein, John Hall, Walter Pringle, John Strachen and Lord Jeffrey.

Walter Pringle of Graycrook [Craigcrook] (an Advocate, and uncle of Sir John Pringle of Stitchill, 2nd Bart.) was initiated on the 24 June 1670, into of the Lodge of Edinburgh, St. Marys Chapel, No.1.


A History of Craigcrook Castle by James Taylor


The Castle was put on sale in 2014:

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Here are the plans for its future:







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