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NOTE: Please note that the below people are not genealogists. If you would like help with your Pringle genealogical research, please email your genealogical questions to our Newsletter Pringle Newsletter Email and also refer to the genealogical resources and forums on our genealogy page.

Pringle Clan BadgeWebsite owner/administrator:
Hello, I’m the website owner, my name is James M. Pringle. I'm not the clan Chief, just an ordinary member of the clan, and unfortunately I don’t own any of the Tower Houses or any of the land that was once owned by our clan. Although my grandfather was from Glasgow, I currently live in London. I developed this website as a result of being taken to visit Smailholm Tower as a child. If you have any information about the Pringles that you would like added to this site, or you have spotted an error, please feel free to send me an e-mail. james@clanpringle
James Pringle of Torwoodlee
Chairman of the Clan Pringle Association:
James W. Pringle of Torwoodlee (14th Laird)
Our Chairmans website: www.torwoodlee.com



Sir Murray Pringle of that Ilk Sir Murray Pringle of Stichill2Secretary & Patron of the Clan Pringle Association:
Sir Norman Murray Pringle of that Ilk and Stichill, 10th Bt. - Chief of the Clan since February 2020.


Pringle Clan BadgeTreasurer of the Clan Pringle Association:
Mrs Priscilla Dorman (nee Pringle)
treasurer CPA



Pringle Clan BadgeNorth America Representative of the Clan Pringle Association:
William Leon Pringle III
He organizes CPA activities in North America, details can be seen on our North America page.



Pringle Clan BadgeNewsletter Editors:
Derek and Pam Pringle
Pringle Newsletter Email

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